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Professional Photographer/Videographer: Professional Photographer/Videographer is someone who earns most of his/her income from photography and/or someone who has a professional qualification in photography/videography and/or someone who is a member of a Professional Photographer’s Organisation. Videography is defined as the practice or art of recording moving images made digitally or on videotape.

Semi –Professional Photographer/Videographer: Is someone who earns an income from photography/videography, but whose primary income source does NOT originate from photography or videography.

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*Note: This is an indicative premium only.

The premium indication is inclusive of 5% (€) Government Levy.

Minimum Premium of €325.00 applies, or €430.00 where the Professional Indemnity option has been requested.

The scheme is underwritten by AXA Insurance dac. The premium rates used to calculate your indicative premium are provided by them and can change without prior notice.

The above quote is generated using an Automated Decision-making process. No underwriting or acceptance decisions are made solely on the basis of automated decision-making.

If you wish to apply for cover, we require a fully and satisfactorily completed proposal form and schedule of equipment. Once this documentation is received, it is then reviewed by a suitably qualified member of staff before a confirmed quote is offered by e-mail.

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