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Your holiday home is the perfect retreat from everyday life. We provide a tailor-made holiday home insurance policy designed to address your specific needs and ensure your holiday retreat is fully protected. As your circumstances and needs change, we will be with you every step of the journey.

We're one of few specialist holiday home insurance providers in Ireland, committed to providing tailored solutions for holiday homes in Ireland. Talk to one of our holiday home insurance experts today. We can guide you through everything you'll need to enjoy complete peace of mind.

Key Features

  • Accidental damage included on building and contents for owner-occupied holiday homes.
  • Low policy excess.
  • Cover available for holiday homes of non-standard construction .
  • No claims bonus scale.

Key benefits

  • Fire brigade charges covered up to €2,000.
  • Trace and Access covered up to €1,000.
  • Domestic oil in fixed fuel tanks up to €750.
  • Loss of rent earnings or temporary accommodation costs whilst the holiday home cannot be lived in as a result of an insured loss. We will not pay any amount over 10% of the building sum insured.
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The buildings section of OBF holiday home insurance policies  cover for:

  • Damage caused by falling aerials and satellite dishes as a result of an insured loss.
  • Fire brigade charges up to €2,000.
  • Trace and Access up to €1,000
  • Architects and surveyors fees, debris removal and additional costs as a result of Government or Local Authority requirements following a loss.
  • Loss of rent earnings or temporary accommodation costs whilst a holiday home cannot be lived in as a result of an insured loss.

The contents section of holiday home insurance policies includes cover for:

  • Accidental damage to TVs, audio and computer equipment in your home.
  • Replacement of locks to safes, alarms, outside doors or windows following theft or loss of keys – up to €250.
  • Personal money and Credit Cards – up to €350.
  • Deeds, prize bonds, registered bonds and other personal documents – up to €750.
  • Stamps or coins forming part of a collection – up to €750.
  • Office equipment in the holiday home – up to €4,000
  • Top Tip #1

    Insurance differs for holiday homes kept for personal use and for letting. If you plan on renting out your home in the future, contact your holiday home insurance provider to have this added to your policy.

  • Top Tip #2

    Ensure that a responsible person is appointed to supervise and check your holiday home at least once a month.

  • Top Tip #3

    While accidental damage is covered by your holiday home insurance, you should try to keep up regular maintenance of the property as proper care can prevent many problems from occurring or worsening.

    This includes work such as cleaning out gutters, fixing damaged windows or doors and draining your pipes in the winter.

  • Top Tip #4

    Where a holiday home is unoccupied during the period 1st November to 31st of March annually, ensure the water is turned off at the mains and the water system is drained. This may be a requirement of your holiday home insurance policy.


  • Q: How is the sum for my holiday home insurance policy calculated?
    A: Holiday homes should be insured at a level which represents the full rebuilding cost including removal of debris and professional fees. Check for a guideline as to how holiday home insurance premiums are calculated.
  • Q: Are there any items excluded under content cover in holiday home insurance policies?
    A: Significant exclusions under contents cover on OBF holiday home insurance policies include motor vehicles (other than garden machinery), caravans, trailers or watercraft or their accessories, any living creature or any property insured under any other insurance.
  • Q: My holiday home will be unoccupied for a sustained period of time, do I need to notify my holiday home insurer?
    A: Unless otherwise advised and agreed, if after the start of your holiday home insurance policy, you regularly leave the premises unattended by day or by night or leave the home without an occupant for more than 40 consecutive days, you must tell your broker or OBF Insurance Group Ltd. immediately.
  • Q: I did not drain down my water system between 1st of November and the 31st March and I have had a burst pipe which caused a flood in my holiday home. Am I covered?
    A: You may not be covered. Insurers endorse a holiday home insurance policy stating that certain precautions must be taken during this period to minimise loss. Check with your holiday home insurer about any policy requirements regarding draining your water system.
  • Q: I forgot to turn on my alarm and my holiday home has been burgled. Am I covered?
    A: If an alarm discount has been allowed in your holiday home insurance policy, you may not be covered. You should check with your holiday home insurers.

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