Top Tips When Taking Out Caravan Insurance

Top Tips When Taking Out Caravan Insurance

Updated July 2022.

When taking out or renewing caravan insurance, there are a number of things you should consider. To help you make the best decision for your caravan insurance needs, we’ve outlined the top things to review in this article:

Do I have to get caravan insurance?

Unlike care, it is not a legal requirement to have caravan insurance in Ireland. However, caravans are not cheap, and as car insurance often doesn’t extend to caravans, it is definitely worth your while to take out specific caravan insurance.

Not all caravan policies are created equal either, so it is crucial to check whether your insurance provider can offer you the right cover before purchasing a caravan.

What kind of insurance do I need for my caravan?

Just as there are different types of caravans, there are different kinds of caravan insurance. In Ireland, there are two main categories: ‘touring’ and ‘static’.

For insurance purposes, caravans being used to travel between locations will need ‘touring’ caravan insurance. Alternatively, caravans remaining in one location throughout the duration of your stay (i.e. as a holiday home), will require ‘static’ insurance.

Whatever caravan you have and whichever insurance you need, each insurance will have its own exclusions, so you will need to find out whether:

•  Your caravan awning is covered

•  The contents of the caravan are covered

•  There are any restrictions on the age of your caravan

•  You’re covered for any damage to your caravan whilst it is being towed

Know the risks to your caravan

Caravans are large, awkward and can be tricky to handle when you’re not used to the extra weight dragging down the car. Towing a caravan can be a risky venture and the consequences of it becoming detached on a motorway or a busy road can be extremely serious. The risks don’t stop once you’ve arrived at your destination, the nature of them simply changes. For instance, if you towed it to your location, there’s nothing to stop someone towing it away again while you’re off for a swim. Also, most caravans are a lot easier to break into than a regular home, so your contents can be at a greater risk on holiday.

How to minimise the risks to your caravan

Just like a car, caravans can easily be fitted with alarms and immobilisers, with most new caravans coming with them as standard. You could also consider having a tracking device attached to your caravan to help you recover it in the event that it has been stolen. To ensure it doesn’t even get to that, installing wheel locks, hitch locks or even ground anchors will make it far more difficult for anyone to tow away the caravan.

Will my caravan insurance cover me abroad?

For ‘touring’ caravans, most policies cover trips abroad once you remain within Europe. However, as with other policies, it is best to check this before you set off. Various factors will play a part in the policy details you receive from your provider, including what countries you’re travelling to and the length of time you’ll be spending abroad. If European cover is included as standard on your policy, this is often only for a certain number of days – but you can easily increase the cover period if you are planning an extensive trip. Outside of Europe, there are worldwide caravan insurance policies available for those lucky enough to be adventuring further afield.

Additional caravan insurance cover to consider:

Are there restrictions on the age of your caravan?

For caravans up to 5, or sometimes even 10 years old, some policies provide cover on a ‘new for old’ basis – if your caravan is written off or stolen, you’ll be able to claim for a new one. However we would recommend reading the terms and conditions that may apply in relation to this cover.

Are your contents covered?

Be warned, most standard caravan insurance policies do not include the contents. In fact, some firms flat out refuse to insure valuables. Either way, expect to receive extremely varied levels of contents cover from insurer to insurer.

Are you covered for any damage to your caravan whilst being towed?

This may sound like an obvious cover topic, but it’s often not covered as standard in caravan insurance quotes. It goes without saying it absolutely should be covered, as this is often the riskiest time when caravanning, so ensuring your insurance does provide this cover is essential. If you’re unsure, don’t assume you’re covered, and always drive carefully whether you are or not.

We’ll help you and your caravan in any way we can

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